Team Short-Media F@H Sig Generator v.1.0.2
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Show extended stats: (Show team stats)
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Apply shadow to stats text: (Experimental, not recommended)
Display your "rating": (Display 1-5 stars, depending on your ranking. Score system )
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8. Code:

Copy and paste this code into your
signature field in the User CP.

Important! Do not edit the code!
The code is specially formatted
so that the forum software doesn't
break the code when posting it. You
can insert the code into other stuff
you might have in your sig. Just make
sure that everything inbetween the
first < to the last > remains 100%
intact! Right click->Copy and
Right click->Paste ;)

And please don't try to post this code
into a thread. It only works in your
signature field!
Coded by lsevald of Team 93. Last updated July 2003 by General Keebler.
Please post any questions you might have in the Short-Media Folding Forum.